Current Treatment for Heart Failure

Most treatment options for heart failure aim to relieve symptoms. Medicines that are effective for treating some types of heart failure often do not work for heart failure with preserved ejection fraction. Currently, there are no commercially available device-based treatment options for these patients.

The IASD® System – A Breakthrough Treatment for Heart Failure

Corvia Medical’s InterAtrial Shunt Device (IASD) is a non-surgical medical device designed to provide continuous and dynamic decompression of the left atrium, which may reduce symptoms and slow the progression of heart failure.

Placed by an interventional cardiologist during a standard catheter-based procedure, the IASD system creates a very small opening between the left and right atria (the upper chambers of the heart). This opening allows blood to flow from the high pressure left atrium to the low pressure right atrium. This redistribution of blood to the right side potentially reduces the pressure in the left side and in the lungs.

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The Corvia IASD is